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German Immigrants from Bremen to New York (1863-67)

Listed in "German Immigrants - Lists of Passengers Bound from Bremen to New York, 1863-1867":

Lohmeier H., aged 45, from Nienburg with Marie (45), Sophie (17) and August (14); (ID 1866-0413) 

Lohmeyer Carl A.H., aged 36, from Haldern; (ID 1863-0006)

Lohmeyer Fr., aged 33, from Lashorst with Wilhelmine (26); (ID 1865-0898)

The third volume of the German Immigrants series lists passengers from Bremen to New York between 1863 and September 1867. In effect, it is a partial reconstruction of the Bremen records, based on official passenger lists and manifests in the custody of the National Archives. Not all of the Bremen passengers of the 1863-1867 period are included in this work - only those for whom a specific place of origin is noted in the manifests.

Source: Gary J. Zimmerman & Marion Wolfert (1988) "German Immigrants - Lists of Passengers Bound from Bremen to New York, 1863-1867" vol. 3, Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc., p.116.

Accessed: 3 Feb 2013 via Google Books