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As soon as you opened this page, a small Trojan Virus has copied itself onto your hard disk. This will search your computer for passwords, phone numbers, email addresses and account numbers and send these back to us. There is nothing you can do now. Even switching off the computer is no good - it's already too late. The program on your hard disk will activate itself whenever you switch the computer on again.

The PIRATE Trojan will also infect every thumb drive, iPod, hard disk or wireless printer ever connected to this computer.

And for a bit of fun, your iMac 21' number APPXS175TFRW99 is now vulnerable so that we can take control of it whenever you're logged onto the internet. We need lots of 'innocent' computers to hide behind when we hack into secure systems like the military or police computers.

All this just by clicking on a link in an email or visiting a website you found looking for games...