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Lohmeyer's Attic

 Here are some of the treasures and other documents I have found on my travels and researches. Browse & enjoy!

 Hier sind einige der Schätzchen die ich über viele Jahre gefunden habe. Viel Spaß beim stöbern!

The autobiography of Julius Lohmeyer (1849-1929) ()
Julius was born in Minden, Germany and after extensive travels through Europe emigrated with his brother Adolph to South Australia. Julius is the forefather of most of the Lohmeyer families in Australia. Read his extraordinary story.

Gedichte und Geschichten von Heinrich Lohmeyer (1881-1972) ()
Heinrich Lohmeyer lived in Vlotho, Germany and has preserved many anecdotes and historical events of the area.  The collection of his stories and poems is published by BoD Publishers and is available online.
You can also enjoy a taster of his work.

'The Lohmeyer Families' by Carl Theodor Lohmeyer (1852-1914) (/)
In the late 1800's, Carl Theodor Lohmeyer compiled a list of all Lohmeyer families resident in Germany and researched their origins. He narrowed the origin of most Lohmeyer families down to eight villages. I have prepared annotated transcripts in the 
original German ( pdf-5pp-270kb) and in English ( pdf-5pp-270kb).

Familienwappen der Familie Lohmeyer aus Stendern bei Hoya (/)
A number of 17th century family 'coats of arms' have been identified. These were used by the Lohmeyer family from the Lohof at Stendern near Hoya.

The journey of the convict ship William Glen Anderson ()
This report tells the story of the vanguard of the 4th Regiment of Foot which embarked from Chatham on the William Glen Anderson for their tour of duty in the Australian colony in 1830 (coming soon).

The 4th Regiment of Foot in Australia ()
Coming soon...

'Zur Geschichte der Familie Lohmeyer' von Magdalene Lohmeyer (A chronicle of the Lohmeyer family in Vlotho beginning in the 17th century (coming soon).