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Families in the USA

The latest US Census (2000) lists 1045 Lohmeyer and 480 Lohmeiers. A search of internet phonebooks found exactly 1550 listings (as at 23 June 2010) with 'Lohmeyer' about twice as common (1041) as 'Lohmeier' (509). Both names are pretty rare in the US. Even together, they only rank about 17,000th in the most popular surnames list. The Bavarian variants of Lohmayer and Lohmaier are even rarer. On average, there are roughly 5 Lohmeyers & Lohmeiers per million Americans, although in Nebraska you will find on average 32.3 family members per million.

The distribution of families between states gives an indication of where the different branches of the family have settled over time. The maps below show the incidence per million inhabitants in each state as well as the absolute number of listings for both name variants.

I have done a similar analysis for Germany, the ultimate origin of all known Lohmeyer families.

Incidence of Lohmeyer & Lohmeier Families



       Numbers of Lohmeyer Families                     Numbers of Lohmeier Families

The top 5 states by number (Lohmeyer listings):
Missouri = 94, Ohio = 84, Illinois = 80, Maryland = 67, Kansas = 66 listings

The top 5 states by number (Lohmeier listings):
Illinois = 66, Michigan = 50, Wisconsin = 40, Arizona = 40, Nebraska = 38 listings 

The top 10 states by percentage of population (Lohmeyer & Lohmeier):
Nebraska = 32.3, Kansas = 24.5, Missouri = 18.2, Maryland = 14.7, Iowa = 12.0, Illinois = 11.3,
Colorado = 10.8, Wisconsin = 10.4, DC = 10.0, Indiana = 9.7 pax / million


Lohmeyer, Lohmeier, Lohmayer & Lohmaier

United States of America / Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika


Database Extracts / Dateiauszüge

  • none available for download (please enquire for lookups) 

Family Trees & Ancestry Charts / Stammbäume & Ahnentafeln

  • Lohmeyers in Southern Indiana, USA (1810-1930) (pdf-334kb)
  • others in preparation (watch this space)

Primary Sources, Diaries & Chronicles / Primärquellen, Tagebücher & Chroniken

Research Reports & Miscellany / Forschungsberichte und anderes Material


 I collect data and information about all Lohmeyer families in the USA. If you have relevant information on these and other branches of the family, please send me an email.

 Ich sammle Daten und Informationen über alle Lohmeyer Familien in den USA.  Falls Sie relevante Informationen über diese oder andere Zweige der Familie haben, schicken Sie mir bitte ein Email.