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29Jul -PfarrerLohmeier

6Apr -Feldpost

25Mar -Löhne

24Mar -Veltheim

25Feb -Lomeyger

3Feb -TheaterHalle

1Feb -VictorLohmeyer

30Jan -2 Thesen

24 Jan -WW1 Verluste

26Dez -Engl.Newspapers

11Dez -Ausw.N-Sachsen

2Dez -Minden 1488

28Nov -Varler Lohmeyer

12 Nov -Königsberg BM

7 Nov -Lohm.Orden

16 Okt -Bayr.Armee

15 Okt -Auswanderer

8 Okt -Lohm. Schweden


(Auf Deutsch )

My family history research is concentrated around my own forebears (Lohmeyer, Lohmeier & Lohnsmeier) and those of my wife (Andrews). I also collect information, chronicles, biographies, diaries, journals, coats of arms, maps and ancestry charts of Lohmeyer families from all around the world to provide a portal for everyone keen to explore the amazing history of our families.

If you find a relation of yours in these pages, please contact me as I often have more information. If you have a question, visit Questions Answered or contact meHappy hunting, Matt.



My Attic of Genealogy Treasures:

My Family's Ancestors:

  • My Lohmeyer/Lohmeier, Sommer, Krull and Birkemeier ancestors from the area of Vlotho-Herford-Bielefeld in Germany [coming soon]
  • My Uhlmann, Frohberg, Wirth and Brandt ancestors from the Dresden-Görlitz area in Silesia, Germany [coming soon]
  • My Andrews, Green, Carter, Duff, Darnley, Hill and Abberton relations from Australia and their forebears in the UK, Scotland & Ireland [coming soon]

Links to other Relevant Internet Pages:

  • Links to other databases, resources and organisations (coming soon)
  • Links to other Lohmeyer family websites (coming soon)