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Handbook of Pacific Islands (New Guinea) 1921

Stewart's Handbook provides a comprehensive account of all of the major Pacific Islands, their history, commerce and geography. The book also includes information on government officials, trade statistics, churches, business, shipping, population, customs and tariffs, exports and lists of residents. In the 1921 edition, two Lohmeyers are listed, the father working as a plantation assistant on Rorona in the Kairuku district of New Guinea.  In total, there are only seven expats listed as living on Rorona. 

  • [...]
  • Caron, Joseph Albert, Kubuna, R.C. missionary
  • Chate Llier Valentine, Waima, R.C. missionary.
  • Chabot, Joseph, Yule Island , R.C. missionary.
  • Champion, J . E., Rorona, plantation assistant.
  • Chalmers, C. W., Aroa, plantation manager
  • Dauncey, Harry Moon, Delena , ordained minister.
  • [...]
  • Lang, Jean Pierre, Yule Island, R.C. missionary.
  • Lachance, Adjutore, Yule Island, R.C. missionary.
  • Laine, Auguste, Yule Island, R.C. missionary.
  • Leclair, Philomena, Yule Island, R.C. missionary.
  • Lohmeyer, Frank R, Rorona, plantation assistant.
  • Lohmeyer, Frank R., Rorona.
  • Masselin , Albertine, Yule Island, R.C. missionary.
  • Marshall, Gordon A., Rorona, plantation manager.
  • Marshall, Molly, Rorona.
  • Miller, Henry R., Obu, plantation manager.
  • McKenzie, Peter, Hisiu, plantation manager.
  • McKenna, Joseph B ., Kanosia, assistant manager.
  • Nagel, James Alfred, Aroa, plantation assistant.
  • Nevitt, Tom, Rorona P ., plantation manager.
  • Norin, Genereux, Yule Island, R.C. missionary.
  • [...]
  • Yates , John H., Rorona , plantation assistant.

Source: Stewart's Handbook of Pacific Islands 1921. Percy S. Allan. (1921), page 241-3 as found on (24 Oct 2010)