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Lohmeyer employees with Californian railroads (1862-1937)

George H. Lohmeyer worked at the Southern Pacific - Sancto General Workshops as a blacksmith, first fire blacksmith or hammersmith.  He was employed there almost continuously from July 1916 until Dec 1919 (as attested by payment records).  For a period of two months, his employment is given as "Southern Pacific Motive Power Department" (July 1917 & July 1918). There are no employment records for the following months:

October and December 1916
June, August & November 1917
August and November 1918 and
June 1919.

It is not clear whether this is due to gaps in the records or, more likely, gaps in the work relationship.

John R. Lohmeyer worked at the  Southern Pacific - Los Angeles Division for the fortnight ending  15. December 1917 as a labourer.
Otto Lohmeyer worked at the Southern Pacific railway - location unspecified - for the fortnight ending 31. March 1917 as a machine operator.
C W Lohmuir worked at the  Southern Pacific - El Paso and Southwestern for the fortnights ending 31. July 1919 and 30. September 1919. His role is given as "Gov't".
Source: California Railroad Employment Records, 1862-1919. 579 volumes. California State Railroad Museum Library, Sacramento, California as provided online through Ancestry .com.