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Lohmeyer, Julius: autobiography (1849-1929)

Gottlieb Johann Eduard Julius Lohmeyer was born in Lichtenhagen, Duchy of Brunswick, Germany in 1849. This is his extraordinary story. After extensive travels through Europe, he emigrated with his brother Adolph to South Australia on the sailing ship 'Sophie', arriving in Port Adelaide on 11. September 1879. Adolph returned to Germany six years later, but Julius settled and became the forefather of most of the Lohmeyer families in Australia today.

Read Julius Lohmeyer's autobiography (pdf-228kb). The original was first published as a 26 page booklet in 1936 by Clamor and Dora Lohmeyer. A copy was kindly provided to me by Mr. Rex Lohmeyer and the annotated transcript is published here with his permission.

Download Julius Lohmeyer's family tree (1770-1940) (pdf-350kb).

For more information about the individuals mentioned in his biography, see: here