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Lohmeyer, Frederick A. – dies on train in Philadelphia (1929)

Extract from The New York Times of 2. March 1929, p. 11:

F. A. Lohmeyer Dies on a Train

Special to The New York Times

GLEN RIDGE, N. J., March 1. – Frederick A. Lohmeyer, president of the Confection Products Inc., of Jersey City, died suddenly of heart disease on a train on Wednesday near Altoona, Pa., while returning from the funeral of his brother in Pittsburgh. He was 75 years old.

Source: The New York Times Historical Newspapers Online

Accessed: 27 March 2014

This clipping suggests that Frederick was born around 1854 and thus likely the husband of Bertha Lohmeyer, both born in Pennsylvania and living with their daughter Emma, husband Walter Faulkner and their grandchild Walter R in Jersey City Ward 8, Hudson, New Jersey, United States. Both of Frederick's parents were born in Germany.  (1920 Census Data).

His brother is likely to have been William Lohmeyer, husband of Mulvina/Mulvania Lohmeyer (b. 1859 in Pennsylvania) who is listed as widowed in the 1930 Census, living with her daughter Ruby and her husband David Allen Mccully at Ross, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United States.  In the 1920 Census, William is shown in the same household.  He was born in 1856 in Pennsylvania to German parents. (1920 & 1930 Census Data)