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Lohmeyer & Lady Mordaunt Lohmeyer (1882)

Extract from the Chicago Daily Tribune of 25. August 1882, p.10: 


Special Dispatch to the Chicago Daily Tribune

Philadelphia, PA. Aug. 24. – Poor Lohmeyer, the German who was deceived by his wife into the belief that she had given birth to a child which she had in reality adopted from the alms-house, has at last given in to ridicule, and, after forgiving his wife for her deception and making up his mind to keep the little girl, finally returned it to the alms-house, where it is now dangerously ill of cholera-morbus and likely to die.  "I tried hard, but I couldn't stand it," remarked Lohmeyer to Guardian Moss.  "Everywhere I went the people talked right out loud. Everybody seemed to know all about it.  First one would say, 'There's that Lohmeyer, who had to buy a baby at the poor-house.' Then another would remark, 'See that man! That's Lohmeyer, the fellow whom the papers are all talking about.' A third remarked, 'That's the bogus baby.'  I never had one bit of peace the whole time I was away.  I am really sorry to give up the little thing, but I can't stand this thing any longer.  It's too much for any man."

Source: Chicago Tribune Historical Newspapers Online

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